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Phite (GitHub)
PHITE is now listed on GitHub

Welcome to the PHITE PHP Site Framework.

PHITE is a simple but powerful site framework written in PHP. It came about because I wanted to put together a number of websites, but I wanted to make sure that they were easily maintainable. I use (and love) PostNuke for one of my sites, but its community model was overkill for the other kind of sites I wanted to make. At the same time, I wanted to be able to easily include some code where necessary, so the framework needed to be highly flexible.
I searched the web for the kind of framework I wanted, but nothing quite fitted. My experience with PHP was very limited (I had only written one very simple script), but I decided that I should at least have a go. PHITE is the result.
PHITE has been heavily influenced by Python's ZOPE. Now, at the same time, I don't want to imply that PHITE is a ZOPE copy. ZOPE is a full object framework and a highly capable and complex environment. PHITE is a single simple script, but it does allow the same model of building a site through placing simple files in a directory hierarchy. Think of PHITE as the ability to build a site simply by dropping text, HTML or PHP snippet files in directories. Those snippets can be edited and maintained to keep the site fresh and alive.
Attributes of PHITE are:

  • No coding necessary, a site can be built from plaintext files if desired;
  • Whole site generated from single HTML template file;
  • Supports very simple 'skins', just give multiple template files;
  • Site structure and contents derived from directory structure;
  • Build whole site from small text, HTML or PHP 'snippets';
  • No database necessary;
  • Very easy maintenence;
  • Single PHP main script with only two variables to set to start out;
  • Very flexible and simply extendible;
  • Multiple 'sub-sites' with different look, feel and content can be driven by the same script.
I hope that you find PHITE interesting and useful. PHITE is released under the GPL, and I welcome updates and modifications.

Chris Robson, Tom Brennfleck, Jarod Brennfleck
Whats New:
Latest - 3/1/2016
  0.9301 Released! Cleanup the phite code.

  0.93 Released! Added tools to the editor, so it has a web site administration toolset.
Still - ToDo: Sort folder list
Still - ToDo: create folder

0.92 Released! More robust than 0.9, and with better handling of bad page requests. If you already have a 0.9 site then see the FAQ for upgrade details.

Download Phite here, make a few changes and your ready to go.


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