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Phite Downloads
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Phite Version - Latest Release
Phite Version 0.9301
PHITE, a PHP Site Framework, is released under the GNU GPL. cleanup of code and removal of deprecated tools
Phite Versions
Phite Version 0.93
PHITE, a PHP Site Framework, is released under the GNU GPL. This is the new beta version, wich has a set of extra tools and scripting posibilities
Phite Version 0.92
PHITE, a PHP Site Framework, is released under the GNU GPL. This is the original version from SourceForge, with the only addition of this download folder.
Template Power (PHP4)
Template Power Version 3.0.2
This is the upgrade to Version 2, and includes support for database templates.
Template Power (PHP5)
Template Power Version
This is the same as version 3.0.2, except that it is PHP5 compatible
Template Power (Misc)
Template Power Manual
Template Power Manual
Template Power Examples
Template Power Examples
WebForm Designer
Web Form Designer
Web Form Designer

Release Notes

Phite Release Notes:

Start Phite

PHITE 0.93 Release: 11/11/09
    * Added Script capability
      * Cleaned up some functions
      * Added tools (spaw editor, form mail)
      * prettier list function
      * Added setup script     

PHITE 0.92 Release: 08/17/02 *Bugfix/Robustness*
          * Removed vestigial statements
          * Fixed Netscape issue with spaces in filenames
          * Now works with register_globals off (for future PHP compatibility)
          * Bad page or subpage will show text in current skin
          * Bad sitesig or skin now handled gracefully
          * Fixed case sensitivity issues
          * Never assumes/uses unset variable (All Errors can be on)
          * Paths in faked GET variables disallowed

PHITE 0.9 Release: 01/11/02

      * Generalized Block and Element code and made user-definable
      * BODY is now a regular block
      * Added META, FOOTER and PRINT_FRIENDLY elements
      * Added CENTER blocks
      * Made file naming conventions consistent (now
      * All snippets can have PHP through output buffering
      * All filename tests now case insensitive
      * Modified PHITE_vars format (GET and POST no longer have prepended string
      * Added redirect capability
      * GPL License added

PHITE Beta-1 Release: *Development*

      * Added dynamic 'skinning' capability and
      * Generalized box generation code
      * Built 'acquisition' method for boxes
      * Links may be made to boxes not in left-nav (e.g. with 'XX_' sigs)
      * Cleaned up some file code

PHITE Alpha-1 Release: 12/31/01

      * Site framework system builds complete site from one HTML .tpl file
      * Site structure determined by directory structure
      * Supports multi-site through file 'signatures'
      * Main page, pages, sub-page structure automatically detected
      * Pages can have {anything_} containing text, HTML or PHP
      * Pages can have multiple Right boxes RB_{sort_string}
      * Top level navigation automatically generated
      * sub-page navigation appears with parent page (may be overriden)
      * Sort-order and titles extracted from .inc filenames
      * Simple and included
      * Environment and call variables passed on through PHITE_vars[] global
      * In use at

Whats New:
Latest - 3/1/2016
  0.9301 Released! Cleanup the phite code.

  0.93 Released! Added tools to the editor, so it has a web site administration toolset.
Still - ToDo: Sort folder list
Still - ToDo: create folder

0.92 Released! More robust than 0.9, and with better handling of bad page requests. If you already have a 0.9 site then see the FAQ for upgrade details.

Download Phite here, make a few changes and your ready to go.


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