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Phite (GitHub)
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Quick Start

  • You need to be running PHP 4 (tested on 4.0.6 only so far);
  • You need Ron Velzeboer's excelent TemplatePower 2.0 or higher. 2.0 beta is included with this distribution. Please check Ron's site for newer versions and documentation;
  • Download and unpack the demo package;
  • Modify $siteroot in the main script file PHITE.php to be the full URL to the directory PHITE.php is in;
  • FTP files to your server, maintaining directory structure (.php, .tpl and .inc files should be transfered in 'text' mode);
  • Point your browser to PHITE.php, you should see the demo site;
  • Explore file structure, try modifying files and templates.
Spaw Editor
  • Install the Spaw editor (included in the download)
  • change the spaw_control.config.php to suit your site
  • Explore and edit your site.
Please let me know if you have any problems by sending me e-mail.

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