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Phite (GitHub)
PHITE is now listed on GitHub

Huge thanks go out to everyone involved in the many pieces of software that I use to develop this. An incomplete list is:
  • Ron Velzeboer for TemplatePower, a really fast and easy to use templating system that forms the basis of PHITE
  • Kristoffer Henriksson for FTPEdit
  • R V Libotti for the updated gallery code
  • All of my development was done on a laptop running PHPTriad;
  • Thanks to ZOPE for inspiration. ZOPE is an amazing framework, way ahead of its time. This is nothing like ZOPE, but if I had never used ZOPE I could never have conceived of PHITE.
  • Jam Fiala for PSPad
  • "SOLMETRA" for the Spaw Editor
  • Chris Robson for PHITE itself
Whats New:
Latest - 3/1/2016
  0.9301 Released! Cleanup the phite code.

  0.93 Released! Added tools to the editor, so it has a web site administration toolset.
Still - ToDo: Sort folder list
Still - ToDo: create folder

0.92 Released! More robust than 0.9, and with better handling of bad page requests. If you already have a 0.9 site then see the FAQ for upgrade details.

Download Phite here, make a few changes and your ready to go.


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