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Basic Concepts

A PHITE site is automatically built from the directory structure and contents below the directory which holds the PHITE.php script itself.
A key concept is that of the site signature. This is a small string of letters and numbers which is used to identify the directories which 'belong' to this site. Consider the following example, where the site signature has been set to 'PT':

Note that there could be other directories around, but if they don't start with the signature they are ignored. In this example we have the 'home' page, which is in the special directory PT_MAIN (every site must have a {sig}_MAIN directory). This directory holds the contents for the homepage. It also holds the special directory 'skins' which holds at least one .tpl template file. The 'scripts' directory is a place to put code snippets that are used in multiple pages, but may be empty.
The site also has two 'pages' that are automaticaly added to the navigation. They are in directories with names of the form PT_sort_Name_for_the_page. Here PT is the signature for the current site, sort is an arbitrary string used to sort the pages and Name_for_the_page is the title that will be used for this page. Thus in this example we have two pages titled 'Page 1' and 'Another Page', in that order.
Note that underscores are converted to spaces.
Subdirectories work in the same way, creating automatic navigation to subpages. The current version of PHITE does not recognize directories any deeper.
Box Example
This is the Right box for the Basic Concepts page. It appears because there is a file called with this text in it, in the directory PT_003_Basic_Concepts.

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